Wednesday, August 19, 2009

JSPA Program Manager 3 for WM6 & 6.5 – Supports all Resolution.


  1. I haven't started using this application, but I like it. I wanted to develop something like this forever for my Xperia x1i because I was tired of having to connect my phone to my computer to manipulate shortcuts.

    Can you please make a WVGA version of your app? Many phones, besides my Xperia, are coming out with WVGA resolution anyway.

    Nice app

  2. hi realaxed.

    I just got my Xperia X1i and I tested my apps out and working properly! that means JSPA Program Manager works in any resolution.

  3. This looks like a program I'd love to use, but I have an older device running Windows Mobile 2003. You seem to focus solely on WM6+, but it would be nice if you'd consider making a WM2003-compatible version (and not using .NET CF 2+) of this program. :-)

  4. Works with HTC Touch HD
    Wonderful app, but sometimes crashesh (too pitty)
    Now I am using the same idea with TotalComander with split view.

  5. Hi very useful utility the dual window aspect
    works very much like desktop Total Commander, which I use all the time. Only problem I have is
    while running under Tess Leo 2 rom ob Topaz/Pure
    (WM 6.5 Sense 2.5) is that

    if I Exit your program using the "X" in the upper right corner, I can no longer enter your program without resetting my device!

    I have no problem if I use the "EXIT" soft key on the bottom of the screen. So I can easily
    work around it, but its an easy mistake to make.

    The only other minor glich I've noticed is
    If you select/check a target directory,
    before selecting a source directory or option it will immediatly display an error msg, with only two choices Details/Quit so in essense you are forced to Quit (needs to be a little more forgiving)

    Both minor problems in a great program,
    I haven't seen much activity related to the pgm
    so maybe you've let this one "leave the nest"
    In anycase thanks again


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