Friday, September 18, 2009

Scan Negative Films using Show Me Positive + Web Camera (Video Inverted Effect)

Lastnight,Me and Wife were looking at Negative Films that were never develop and they were taken way way back before she was baby, grade school to high school. It was fun, though you’re looking at the pictures in inverted colors so it was bit of ..

So after that, I thought of something doing what I have thought before, scanning the negative pictures on a flat bed scanner but sadly after scanning, and inverted the colors in Corel, all we can see is cyan and white colors and barely can see that picture. I tried putting the negative film in front of my LCD screen and I thought, “yeah, why not add a little backlight?” hehe, so I scanned the negative film again pressed with my HTC Touch ELFIN  with backlight on and the brightness were set to maximum. After scanning, it was awesome! though am not sure why it turned in grayscale but that’s fine at least we saw something and the image were very clear! Though bit of worried in my Canon Pixma MP198 – Lamp!, because everytime she want to look at something, of course I have to do a re-scan.

So wife went to bed and me, thinking an alternative way, and something kicks and hah! why not use my very very awesome give-away web camera! (why awesome? read here..)

So I set it up, run the web cam window, runned File Explorer in my elfin Windows Mobile just to get that white background, inverted the colors in my web cam and hah! TOTALLY ROCKS! but that problem was my finger accidentally keeps on pressing something in File Explorer, so it’s bit of irritating.

And so I thought of creating a small tool that has white static background so I don’t have to worry on accidentally pressing something everytime I flatten the film.

The small tool called:

Show Me Positive
it’s basically a white form that automatically set the orientation to landscape and back to original when closed.

download the tool here
> binaries 
And here’s a little video preview

How to? just look at this pictures :) all you need is a bit of creativity! :D

Just invert the colors of your web camera video. Lot of web cam software feature has that :) check the video!

19092009096 19092009097 19092009098

The main idea here really is, you need a BACKLIGHT source at the back of your Negative Film and something that can invert the colors! :D that’s it!


Please, a feedback is appreciated :)

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